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    Topside Roast

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    Topside Roast is the Sunday favourite; your joint can be cooked to suit your tastes. Great for roasting or braising, the meat is tender and lean.

  • The Family Loyalty Box

    Our new Family Loyalty Box is designed for families who want incredible meat, but also want great value for money. Filled with quality sourced meat, this box is perfect for a medium sized family. It contains:

    Whole Chicken (1.4kg) or Brisket (800g-1kg) or Topside (800g) or  Belly Pork (800g-1kg)

    Lean Mince Steak (400g)

    Diced Beef (400g)

    Back Bacon Slices (8) 

    Large Pork Sausages (6)

    Gammon Steaks (2) EU

    Skinless Chicken Breast (2) or Duck Legs Frozen (2) or Pork Steaks (2) or Beef Burgers (4)

    All weights are approximate

  • £12.50

    Mince Beef 2.26kg


    A value mince being a little fatter but given you lovely taste and flavour.


  • £8.00

    Hanger Steak

    Until recently hanger steaks were relatively unknown – many butchers kept them for themselves.  They’ve long been popular in France and are considered a classic bistro cut.  Today they’re showing up on more and more restaurant menus as chefs discover their beefy flavor and affordable price.



Award Winning

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Grass Fed


We pride ourselves for our grass fed beef. From head to tail all our beef can be traced back to our local Devon farmers who we work closely with to ensure fantastic quality with exceptional welfare standards in place. We hang all our beef carcasses for a minimum of 21 days to enhance both texture and flavour.

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Perfection for

Dry Aged Beef

The pleasure associated with dry-aged meat is like nothing you have ever tasted before. The texture cannot be compared to an “ordinary piece of meat”. So no wonder dry-aged beef is renowned by foodies as the “king of meats” on the steak menu.

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Grass Fed


Our grass fed west country lamb can be traced back to our local Devon farmers who we work closely with to ensure fantastic quality with exceptional welfare standards in place.

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Free Range


Our free-range pork lead stress free lives can be traced back to our local west country farmer, with good breeding, quality home produced feed and exceptional pig welfare standards.

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Our poultry is from local Devon assured farms, where welfare is imperative, premium quality, tender and full of flavour. Whole, breast, or leg, there is something for everyone.

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Free Range Beech Ridge Farm


Award winning Beech Ridge Farm is committed to rearing all it's chickens and ducks in a totally ‘free range’ environment. So during the day our birds have free run of the farm – just as nature intended. 

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We have the pleasure of farmed and wild game, from the rolling hills of Devon and surrounded moorlands.

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We cure our own bacon on site using free range pigs which can be traced back to the local farmer, with good breeding and exceptional pig welfare standards.

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Any excuse for a


We at Veyseys are big fans of the BBQ, any time of year... whatever the weather!

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Quality local


We take our burgers seriously. All our burgers are handmade on site using only the finest cuts to ensure a quality products.

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Quality homemade sausages made on site using only the finest quality cuts to ensure a quality product with natural casings.

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Find everything else in

The Pantry

Award winning meat is not all we offer, our pantry is where you'll find all of the great local products we stock.

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Bargain Time


Here you will find some amazing offers and they wont be around long.

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Passion for


They have a mission to make the best British pie using our meat along the way.

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