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    Farm Gate To Plate Box

    Why not try some of our top sellers, the Farm Gate To Plate is breakfast, lunch and dinner all in one box.

    This Box Contains

    2 WonKy Sirloin Steaks (400g-500g)

    6 Award Winning Pork Sausages

    2 Gammon Steaks (550g-650g)

    2 Skinless Chicken Breast (400g-440g)

    2 Pork Steaks (400g-440g)

    8 Slices Back Bacon

    10 Eggs

    Mince Steak (400g)

    We will throw a free mix or rub in too for a limited time also


    Approximate weights

  • £8.99

    Mixed Grill For 1

    , ,

    The Mixed Grill For 1

    The way to any meat lovers heart - a 25oz mixed grill, Perfect size for 1 !!!

    It Contains:

    1 x 150g Rump Steak

     1 x 125g Lamb Chops

    1 x 150g D Cut Gammon Steaks

    1 x 110g Chicken Breast

    2 x Large Pork Sausages

  • £6.49

    Nitrite Free Dry Cured Back Bacon

    Nitrite Free Dry cured bacon, ideal for the Keto diet. Cured on site using only the best free range pork & Devon sea salt, bacon how it use to be.

    8-10 Slices approx. 400g-500g

  • New

    The Low Carb Keto Box


    We are in the middle of developing our sausages and burgers

    Drop us a message and your of any ideas what you would like in the box, all suggestions welcome


    2 x 220g Grass Fed Sirloin Steaks

    2 x 220g Free Range Chicken Breast

    8 x 6oz Grass Fed Steak Burgers

    12 x Free Range Pork & Leek Sausages

    12 Free Range Eggs

    2 x 380g Mature Cheese

    400g Grass Fed Mince Steak

    8-10 Slices Free Range Nitrite Free Back Bacon

    2 Free Range Pork Chops


    If you are following a ketogenic diet, this great combination of our grass-fed beef and free range pork & chicken is for you. A keto diet is one that limits carbs, moderate protein, higher-fat diet that can help you burn fat more effectively. It has many benefits for weight loss, health, and performance, as shown in some studies. That’s why it’s recommended by many health professionals


Award Winning

Butchers Boxes

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Grass Fed


We pride ourselves for our grass fed beef. From head to tail all our beef can be traced back to our local Devon farmers who we work closely with to ensure fantastic quality with exceptional welfare standards in place. We hang all our beef carcasses for a minimum of 21 days to enhance both texture and flavour.

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Perfection for

Dry Aged Beef

The pleasure associated with dry-aged meat is like nothing you have ever tasted before. The texture cannot be compared to an “ordinary piece of meat”. So no wonder dry-aged beef is renowned by foodies as the “king of meats” on the steak menu.

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Grass Fed


Our grass fed west country lamb can be traced back to our local Devon farmers who we work closely with to ensure fantastic quality with exceptional welfare standards in place.

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Free Range


Our free-range pork lead stress free lives can be traced back to our local west country farmer, with good breeding, quality home produced feed and exceptional pig welfare standards.

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Our poultry is from local Devon assured farms, where welfare is imperative, premium quality, tender and full of flavour. Whole, breast, or leg, there is something for everyone.

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Free Range Beech Ridge Farm


Award winning Beech Ridge Farm is committed to rearing all it's chickens and ducks in a totally ‘free range’ environment. So during the day our birds have free run of the farm – just as nature intended. 

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We have the pleasure of farmed and wild game, from the rolling hills of Devon and surrounded moorlands.

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We cure our own bacon on site using free range pigs which can be traced back to the local farmer, with good breeding and exceptional pig welfare standards.

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Any excuse for a


We at Veyseys are big fans of the BBQ, any time of year... whatever the weather!

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Quality local


We take our burgers seriously. All our burgers are handmade on site using only the finest cuts to ensure a quality products.

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Quality homemade sausages made on site using only the finest quality cuts to ensure a quality product with natural casings.

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Find everything else in

The Pantry

Award winning meat is not all we offer, our pantry is where you'll find all of the great local products we stock.

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Bargain Time


Here you will find some amazing offers and they wont be around long.

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Good Game Topsham


We do it all the traditional old fashioned way. Like true Artisans in the correct sense of the word.

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