Rack Of Lamb

Rack Of Lamb


A stunning easy to roast aromatic cut of lamb from our specially selected Lamb. Rack of Lamb is great for a dinner party or for a special occasion. Our master butchers hand cut these rib racks from the “Best End” of the loin and hand trim to expose the rib bones. All of our lamb is sourced locally and selected by us personally.

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Beautiful locally sourced rack of lamb. Available in 3 & 6 bone. This section produces some of the most tender cuts of Lamb. Best End is the first eight ribs which are known as “The Rack”. The Rack can be cut in several ways. If the ends of the bones are exposed after the fat has been trimmed away it is termed “French Trimmed”. Two racks roasted together with the bones intertwined are known as a “Guard of Honour”.

A rack of Lamb can also be trimmed and tied into a circle to form a “Crown of Lamb” – a most impressive roast to serve at your table.